Hotel Princess Guatemala, acknowledges the importance of the sustainable management of natural resources for its operation, and thus it motivates its collaborators, and current and potential customers, to actively participate in actions aimed at the conservation and support of different projects promoted by the hotel in the following sectors:


Abiding by and complying with the country’s legislation

Compliance with labor rights of its collaborators

Commitment to provide high quality services to our customers, and thus ensuring the economical sustainability of the company

Socio Cultural

Aware of the importance of the historical, archaeological, and cultural heritage of the country, and the benefit the Tourism sector derives from it, we support projects and initiatives aimed at developing the region, respecting the historical and cultural heritage, promoting the different tourist destinations, providing information to our customers on how to reach them in a safe way and the proper behavior recommended when visiting these areas.


We support environmental education programs for the community and for our collaborators, and at the same time, we make efforts to minimize the impact our operation may have on the environment. We promote programs on saving water and power and on waste disposal; we participate in reforestation and carbon footprint compensation programs.